Application for Assistance

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To help us determine whether your academic experience and current circumstances meet the criteria for SAR's direct placement assistance, please answer the following questions

Which of the following best describes you?
SAR member or representative
Is the funding for this position fully confirmed?
Are you seeking a decision by SAR by a particular date?
About you
Have you been employed in academia in the past 12 months?
Are you facing risk right now?
SAR requires documentation and/ or references that confirm an individual’s claim of risk, unless the applicant is fleeing an active conflict. If you submit an application without this documentation, please note that we will request documentation and/or references that confirm your risk situation, and SAR may seek external corroboration as well. This may delay the review of your application.
Are you in your home country right now, or have you relocated elsewhere?
Please choose the option that best describes your ability to travel