SAR support application

Thank you for your interest in Scholars at Risk (SAR). SAR support is focused on arranging temporary (visiting) research or teaching positions at higher education institutions in the global SAR network. Our application is intended to help determine whether SAR is able to provide direct support. We ask each applicant to provide detailed information about their academic background and current circumstances of risk.

Pre-application Eligibility Questionnaire:

Before you begin the SAR application, you will need to complete the Eligibility Questionnaire below. If the questionnaire determines that you are not eligible for SAR’s one-on-one assistance, including academic placements, you will be directed to a list of resources that may be helpful as you seek other options.

SAR Application and SAR Applicant Guide:

If the Eligibility Questionnaire determines that your background and current circumstances meet our criteria for academic placement assistance, you will be invited to begin the application. To help individuals seeking to apply, we have developed the SAR Applicant Guide. BEFORE you begin the online application, we strongly encourage you to (1) read the SAR Applicant Guide in full and (2) prepare the documents noted in this Applicant Checklist. The guide also explains what to expect after you submit an application, and when to expect a decision from SAR.

The online application is expected to take approximately 20 minutes. You will need internet access to complete and submit your application. You may read all the questions before you begin. You are required to complete and submit the application in one sitting. For security reasons, it is not possible to save the application and return to complete it at a later time. If you are unable to complete and submit the online application, you may request an offline version of the application by writing to: and sharing a copy of your CV. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Due to the high number of applications to SAR, we may not be able to provide direct assistance to all who meet SAR’s criteria. We aim to direct applicants to alternative resources that may be more suitable.

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